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You Were Meant to Ride: Choosing the Right Paddleboard


Paddleboarding is a fantastic way to stay fit. It can be a challenging and fun sport for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Whether you are looking to sight-see, paddle around or ride the waves, a paddleboard can be the right investment for you.

Your Skill Level

Before making a purchase, you need to evaluate your skill level when it comes to paddleboarding. Are you a beginner or dreadfully experienced? This evaluation matters in choosing the right board for you. If you are new to the sport and only starting, a larger and wider paddleboard will provide more stability and can help you develop your balance quickly. You need to ensure you get hold of inflatable paddleboards because it will give you the flexibility to travel and store the board while learning. A wider board will help you in maintaining balance, but it would be slower than a narrow board, which is comparatively faster. Experienced paddleboarders will consider purchasing narrower boards, as they require more balance and can go faster.

Type of Paddleboard

There are different kinds of paddleboards ranging from soft, inflatable boards to hard boards, and strictly built for specific activities like yoga paddleboarding, racing, recreational, and also for surfing. Begin with recreational paddleboards as they can be used for a broad range of water activities, such as paddling in lakes, rivers, and calm beaches. However, if you’re ready to invest in specialized boards intended for specific activities, then you can try yoga and SUP surfboards. If you are opting for racing paddleboards, make sure to choose the board with a displacement hull, designed for speed and efficiency for long-distance paddling.

Personal Preference

Finally, consider your preferences when buying a paddleboard, because this factor also plays a vital role. Some people like to buy a paddleboard that allows them to go out paddling with their pets, or maybe they want a paddleboard that has ample space to hold equipment without disturbing balance and stability. There are even creative ways to personalize your board, such as color, tiling, and custom graphics.

Remember, with the right equipment, time, and practice, paddleboarding can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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